It Used to be Fun ...

Anonymous asks:
I was reading about your "alternative" endings lol and then you made me remember Skins JFC WHY? I pretend that shit never happened... Naomi and Emily are celebrating their anniversary in Mexico, ok? But the suicide ending I laughed with the Patty part and now I feel I'm a creepy... \endrant Thanks for your AMAZING writing :)

Thanks and you’re welcome!? Sorry for the Skins reminder. That was a little mean, wasn’t it?

Anonymous asks:
I love your stories and I love Story of Now the best. I was wondering what is is the easiest and hard parts of writing stories for you? The hardest part of me is just trying to figure out the storyline. And dialogue- I suck a tdialogue.

Hey, thank you!

Funnily, the things I find easy are the maybe things you were saying you find hard. For example, the storyline in fics is easier (although I find it harder in my own more original works). Also I find it easy to write dialogue, but it is something I spend the most time editing. It takes a while until it finds a flow, you know? Until it reads easily.

Um, the hardest parts for me is finding time to write. And when I do find time, it’s mostly the ‘choreography’ of a scene more than anything.  I always go back to that saying (can’t remember who), where they said the hardest part of fiction writing is getting people in and out of rooms. I sometimes have to think hard about where a person is in a space and in relationship to that space and the people in it, if that makes sense.  It’s all about anchoring the characters to a setting I guess.

The other hard part with long pieces is holding the whole story in my head— to make sure it is working in the ‘big picture’ sense.  When you are fiercely writing little sections, and focusing on detail, you can lose the wider story. That is something I am always anxious about.

Anyway, thanks for writing. I’m glad you like the stories!

I've done it, and in no way do you have to be a citizen. :) It'd doable. It comes down to like 1300 words per day over the 30 day month. I'd say try it. Whether it's a completely original story or a new fanfic or whatever, give it a shot. At the very least it gets you writing towards a particular goal every day. :)

Yeah, there’s nothing like a little self-competition for motivation. Might as well try! Thanks!

I don't live in the US either but I'll give it a try. The worst that can happen is dying of disappointment. Why not do it, right? What if you manage to write the next Great (insert nationality) Novel?

At this point I’m just hoping for the next novel. Great would be a bonus. But novel is enough for me at this point! 

Anonymous asks:
I've tried NaNoWriMo several times before. It's a lot of fun, I also know people who have completed it! Let's just say they didn't get a lot of sleep but had a blast. I also know some folks who met, started dating, and even married after meeting at a write-in. If you try it, good luck!! I'll be trying my hand at it again this year. =)

Wow, that’s funny and great. Romance by novel-writing!

Anonymous asks:
You're just playing about those alternate endings right? Because they are horrible. Here's a better one: Holly comes out first and then Gail follows. They get married after they both have a stable career and then they have lots of babies and they live happily ever after forever.


You are kidding, right?  Please be kidding.

Meanwhile I will try and not be mildly insulted by the fact that you would even entertain the notion that these would ever be real endings to A Story of Now.

Have you even read my stories? Do I seem like the type to create that kind of melodrama?

By the way, there will be no marriage or children in my story. They are 20 and 22 for heck’s sakes! They’re just trying to get through university.

I've dome it for seven years, this'll be my eighth. Won twice if you could Camp NaNo as well. Folks from all over the world do it, so no worries there! As for everything else, that depends on you! But it's loads of fun and everyone is always willing to help! ^^

Hey, thanks! What is Camp NaNo? 

Anonymous asks:
Nanowrimo? Whatever you end up doing pretty please don't die.

I’ll do my best!  You have to write 50,000 words in a month.  Not in the desert or anything. And no one throwing knives. I should survive!



Oops, not a caps lock question, but it came out that way. Stupid keyboard.

Has anyone done nanowrimo? National Novel Writer’s Month’s hell project of writing 50, 000 words in a month?

I am thinking about doing it even though I am not a citizen of the nation that holds it. But I bet it’s not racist.

Anyway, what I really want to know, from anyone who did it/tried it: will it kill me? Will I die?

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Anonymous asks:
I just left an anon review on Story on Now and when I did you had 699 reviews. Can you please hurry and moderate it so I can be the 700th reviewer? And if I am, do I get a prize? Cash? LOVE? A BONUS CHAPTER? A DATE WITH GAIL PECK?

700? That’s freaking RIDICULOUS!!!

In a good way, of course! 


I went to mod yr review but there are a few waiting there! So sorry, not sure if you are lucky 700! Which one are you?

 Because if you are 700 I have decided you get the privilege of choosing from three alternate endings to SoN, which are:

1. Holly dies of cancer a year later while sharing a flat with Andy. Gail doesn’t hear of it until right before she dies and comes rushing back to her deathbed but it’s too late (sound familiar?)

2. Gail simply forgets she was ever a lesbian and goes back to boys and never looks back. 

3. Elaine forbids them from ever seeing each other again so they murder her, make a suicide pact in Robbie’ apartment and Patty feeds on their dead bodies.

Let me know which you’d prefer and I’ll get to writing it!

starsplit asks:
Wow, I'm starting to feel spoiled! So many updates at once! That was just so freaking adorable though. And I'm glad they talked about the whole sharing their relationship thing. Ugh adorable dorks. I'm so happy you are writing this story, the amount of fluff is just amazing. Keep up the amazing writing and I REALLY hope you get a functional keyboard soon for your own sanity.

Huh, thanks!  I haven’t had time to write this week anyway what with the moving. This was already written!  Am plugging in an external keyboard to my laptop. That should help! Yeah, it was nice for them to have some sweet time before they enter the world again. Glad you’re still enjoying it!