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ugh, ao3 is being annoying with the comments function, so, a great update, as ever - here's to hoping your keyboard gets sorted soon - we certainly appreciate you putting up with such things to give us lovely fic ;-) cheers, saz

Hey thank you very much Saz!  The keyboard is still being a b&%$# but I’m working on it!  Thanks for saying….


The largest part of why I so badly want(ed) Amy Poehler to be recognised for her work as Leslie Knope in Parks and Recreation with an Emmy is because there are so few I can think of in this industry that manage to produce comedy and a character that is weirdly kind, sweet and life-affirming and yet still manages to be so incredibly funny.

And so much of that is Amy Poehler’s doing.

Poehler has been such a rare force of positivity, good-humoured comic talent and activism-by-example, and it is a gift to an industry that can be nasty, cut-throat and sexist. 

And I know the Emmys are just another shitty popularity contest, as the Maslany snub has proved, but I still want(ed) it to be Poehler’s year.

Reblog for the Amy birthday!

Any particular reason you didn't like The Fall? I personally loved it and can't wait for season 2. Just wanted to know why you didn't. :) Also, hope you don't mind me asking if we would get an new chapter of ASON this week? I know you've probably got a million things to do and writing all those beautiful words takes time :) I just keep refreshing the page on my mobile every 1 hour and wanted to know if I should slow it down :P Hope you're having an awesome day!

Hi, sorry for the delayed response- I have been a little sick.  As you’ve prob seen, there is another chapter! Go to it!

As for The Fall, there were quite a lot of things I didn’t like— I thought it was well acted and had some great moments, but as a whole, I felt like I was watching Wire in the Blood all over again, with better actors. I was also bored by the subplot and a rehashing of the whole ‘sexually independant woman must then be emotionally brittle’ stereotype.  

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I'm so impressed you're even writing at all with a broken keyboard! I'm glad they finally get them time, and I'm really loving the exploration of Gail's dynamic with Elaine. That's something I'm still pissed then show never did more of - why can't we just have a show all about Gail, she's such an interesting character :( Thanks for the wonderful amazing chapter as always!!!

Hey, thanks!  Yeah, I felt like writing some Elaine. She hasn’t been around for a while in SoN.

It often happens that way, though, doesn’t it? The most interesting characters are peripheral.  I haven’t minded that with Gail— until her storyline got shafted this season for the main characters. But I also think sometimes moving good side characters to the centre can ruin them tbh. 

(it took me sooooo long to type this reply! Stoopid keyboard!)

A Story of Now Chapter 25, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter Twenty-five of A Story of Now has been posted:

"In what is a fleeting, uncanny flash of barely recognising this new version of herself, she realises just how far removed this Gail is from the person she was and thought she wanted to be just a couple of months ago.

And it is not about just being with Holly— or being with a girl—but how everything has changed. It is the fact that Holly has somehow become her best friend and her girlfriend. It is the fact that she’s never even been this close to another person in quite the same way. Then there is the way that the people she is surrounded by now are so entirely different from the people she was spending time with a few months ago. And they are so much fun and so much more like her and so much more unlike her at the same time, and it is refreshing and exciting and somehow a relief. And it means the things she thought about and worried about and got excited about back then are so completely different to the things she cares about now.”

Thanks as ever for reading, and for those lovelies among you who leave reviews and comments.