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starsplit asks:
So I think the L Word is forcing me to unconsciously ship Tee and Bette. Also I'm really glad you're continuing this - it's nice to get some canon Holly when we are so lacking on the actual show. Can't wait until the next chapter of this or SoN!!

Ha ha ha! That’s hilarious! Never even thought of that. NOTHING like that T and Bette, though. You know, starting with one being a dude! But go right ahead and ship!

Given In Chapter 2, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter Two of Given In has been posted:

So, I’ve written a little more of Holly’s perspective, it turns out. I realise however, that if I do continue wth this, it won’t go with the arc of whatever happens on the show in the last few episodes, though, which might be weird and annoying for some. But anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

"… she leans against the back fence, the collar of her jacket pulled up around her ears and gazes around the yard. And then just as quickly she forces herself to stop her visual sweep, hauling her eyes back to the scene directly in front of her. She knows she is really just looking for Gail.  And now is not the time to be looking for Gail.

But there she is again, entering her thoughts in that way she stubbornly does, an adamant presence no matter how hard Holly tried to push her aside. She wonders, if they really were finished, just how long it would take for her to stop looking for Gail at crimes scenes, how long it would take for her eyes not be automatically attuned to a flash of white blonde hair, or to the traces of swagger in a nearby cop’s walk. She sighs. All she knows is that it is nowhere near happening yet.

Let me know what you think.

ha-st-ee asks:
Omg I just got this visual in my head of Gail buying that book just to see what the fuss is about. And then while she's reading it, all she does is make faces and snicker to herself the whole way through, even going so far as laughing or mocking the characters out loud (bonus: Chris/Dov walking in on her). And then she keeps the book for shits and giggles. Oh God I don't know why, but I'm laughing so hard at this whole thing. Just imagine her dramatics during the whole "I know what you are." x'D

Gail probably secretly loved it…

The NOT Rookie Blue 509 Recap: The Gail/Holly Edition


Hello. So, I’m not writing a recap of this week’s RB episode. This is because I am tired and hungry and because currently the e, t, y,u, i and o keys (note that’s ALL the vowels bar one) on my laptop are only working sporadically. Which means it took me approx five-and-a-half hours to write this sentence.

So, the thought of writing a recap with this keyboard is somewhat akin to the thought of attending a Peck family dinner. And I do not have the stamina and patience or alcohol to withstand this level of dysfunction tonight, even from an inanimate object.

So instead, here’s some things I took away from this episode:

-So all signs tonight point to my hunch about the death of a Peck parent (or both) being maybe right? It was kind of slammed home with all that endless meaningful 'don't know what you've got 'til it's gone' chitchat about parents/orphans/homelessness/lost memories. 

-No Holly tonight. Wasn’t expecting it, but just though I’d say cos, you know, I miss her face. 

-Chloe has NEVER, and I mean EVER been more right than she was in her argument about sides and eggs benedict and florentine. Preach it Price. I am a believer.

-I’m not sad when Chris isn’t there. He should rehab more often.

-I enjoyed Traci’s fancy break-up hair. She should break up more often.

- I wish I understood McSwarek, but I don’t. It’s not even that I don’t like them, persay, I just don’t get it.

Also, I have a question: What happened to all Gail’s not black clothes?

So, yeah …

Anonymous asks:
omfg I saw one of your Gail gifs in one of your answers and I can't believe it... Twilight on the shelf IDK why I found it so funny but I do. I can't imagine Gail reading that. LMAO and thank you for your amazing update finally they'e talking and kissing hmmm

Ha ha, you are so right—Twilight right there on the bookshelf! Well, that scene was in the living area of the apartment. Could belong to Dov or Chris, too … ? 

Someone in the Peckstein/Diaz frat palace has some whack taste, either way…


starsplit asks:
Yeah I did read the other two with Holly POV's but it's been a while and I just missed it. Plus it's nice to get it once in a while especially because we don't get much of it on the show. (Also for some weird reason I just got very confused for a second with SoN abbreviation for Story of Now - my mind jumped to South of Nowhere for a good minute of confusion). But yes by all means concentrate of SoN. But when you feel the desire to write something else...

Fair enough.We’ll see! It’s going to be kind of difficult to negotiate around the real RB arc, but we’ll see. I never saw South of Nowhere….

A Story of Now Chapter 21, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter Twenty-one of A Story of Now has been posted:

Before she knows it, she is parked down the street from the café. 

Before she can stop herself, she is climbing out of the car.

And before she can decide whether or not it is a dumb idea, she heads straight for the door.

She sees her the minute she walks inside, busily doing whatever it is she does behind the coffee machine. Gail feels an immediate, conflicting trill of both fear and happiness in her stomach at seeing her, a sensation so sharp that she knows she had to do this, no matter what response she gets.”

Thank you, as ever, for your reviews and feedback.