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Chapter Twenty-eight of A Story of Now has been posted:

"As Gail puts her few things away and re-acquaints herself with the dimensions of her room, she realises she feels … different after these few days, with Holly. And it’s not just that she feels good and that she feels completely confident, sure of what they have now. She also, for some strange reason feels more adult, more assured of herself or something. She doesn’t know why, but it’s a kind of grounded feeling, a gravity she has never really felt before. She likes it.”


Thanks again for reading, and an especial thanks to those who comment and review or share the story. Much appreciated!

if you have tumblr saviour you can add "here's a blog:" to the list and you can stop seeing them. Also hi, I love your Golly fics.

Hi! Thanks for the tip, I do just like to complain though- I’m annoying like that But I might try it!  

And thanks- glad you are enjoying the fics!  always love hearing from readers I haven’t ‘met’ before! 

Will this flipside shorten your bus ride? Because that would be good for you maybe but bad for us who wait for the story. I'm glad you are using War and Peck to refer to this chapter, it makes me smile and giggle to myself. It is wonderful the way you have captured those new-to-intimacy feelings they are having. Also the asking of the "when did you know?" question. It brings nostalgic feelings that I'd like to feel again because I didn't know exactly how wonderful they were at the time.

Well I have you to thank for War and Peck, don’t I?!

Yes, sadly, the flipside will turn my bus ride into a bike ride, so it will mean no bus-writing time. However, my workload decreases for the summer. so I should have a little more spare writing time (I hope!). I am glad this is evoking some good memories. It’s fun to look back on those cute early relationships, that’s for sure! All those times re-narrating the trajectory of your coming together at each other. Fun!

starsplit asks:
I'm pretty sure I don't even need to make this comment anymore but SO MUCH TALKING! This monster chapter continues to be absolutely a-freaking-dorable. Also just so on point - like who hasn't had that endless processing "when did you like me" conversation. Also Gail as the big spoon is so cute. And Holly eating one chip at a time. Good luck with moving and with getting net working! That's always the worst part about moving.

Yeah, everyone has to have that conversation, don’t they? That’s one of the fun part of early relationships. Glad you are still enjoying it! Back to the packing!

Dear Tumblr ‘Recommended Blogs’

I am writing because sometimes when I see your paltry ‘recommended’ offerings, I feel like even after all this time you don’t really know me as a person at all. In fact, sometime I feel downright misunderstood.

I feel misunderstood in a way a girl shouldn’t have to feel by her chosen social media platform.

So I am going to give you a few hints for further recommendations so we can, you know, maybe start over … ?

Here’s how I roll:

Mommy Blogs? Please. No.

Amazing writers with thinky thoughts? Yes.

Taylor Swift fandom? Nyet. Nein. No. (How did that even algorithm me?)

Interesting feminist perspectives on popular culture? Hell da.

Hipster filtered images of Brooklyn streetscapes? Sigh. No.

Ilana Glazer/Abbi Jacobson/Amy Poehler/funny ladies? ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY.

Got it?


Thank you in anticipation of your further co-operation,

It Used to Be Fun.

It had just started storming here when I sat down to read the new chapter and I could hear and smell the rain at all the right places and it was a super cool experience. Just felt like sharing that lil tid bit.

Oh perfect. The climate version of surround sound!  Thank you for sharing!

A Story of Now Chapter 27, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

Part Two of the epic Story of Now chapter has been posted!

"When did you know?" Gail asks.

"Know what?" Holly asks, biting off another piece of her chip.

"You know," Gail shrugs, using the spoon to chisel away at the still hard ice cream. "When did you know you were into me?"

Holly laughs and shakes her head, digging another crisp out of the pack.

"You really should consider following the rest of your family into the police," she says. "You are weirdly good at catching people unawares with your inquisitions."

Gail shrugs, digging into a vein of gooey caramel. “I learned from the best. You should meet my mom.”

"I have, remember?"

"Oh yeah, that’s right." Gail pulls a face, sucking the caramel from the spoon and stretching her legs out along the wooden floorboards. "Sorry about that."

"About what?" Holly grins. "The fact that she asked more questions than they asked in my med school interviews? Or the fact that you acted like a total weirdo?"

"Either," Gail shrugs, smiling. "Or both." Then she points her spoon at Holly, eyes narrowed. "And hey, you don’t get to call anyone weirdo, lady. You went a little weird yourself."

Holly just smiles and nibbles on her chip, scratching Patty behind the ear with her free hand. The cat’s eyes close lazily and Gail can hear her steady purring from her spot across the small room, even over the rain.

"Anyway, answer the question, Holly," she demands, pointing the spoon at her. "When did you know you were into me?""

Once again, thanks to the lovely reviewers who have left words for me and this story on and Tumblr.

Anonymous asks:
I don't mean to rush you but because I know you had one big chapter of Story of now written, I was wondering how long we might wait until the next installment? Only because I am so excited. I love this story!


Ask and ye shall receive!

Yep, that’s right, flattery will get you everywhere. The next installment— part two of three of the epic War and Peck chapter— will be up very, very soon.  Just a little editing needed and it’s coming your way.

starsplit asks:
IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE. gif Seriously though this was so freaking adorable. And so much talking! (Yes if nothing else I am predictable) I am always so excited whenever the new chapter notification pops up and forever awed that you are continuing to write this with the dead keyboard. They are just so freaking cute and their dynamic is so perfectly them - I mean it's similar to the show them but not exactly cause of the age regression and it just works so well.

And you have no idea how much talking is yet to come. Even you will be sick of it! 

Anonymous asks:
Hi! Thanks for finally clearing up the who-kissed-whom-first mystery in your fic! I'd put my money on Holly, and now I'm officially right! Pay up, losers! You are wise to cut your Infinite Peck mega-chapter into smaller units, part of me is like, Give it to me now!, but on the other hand, I am happy to wait, cause it's worth it. Thank you for keeping this wonderful story alive!

Pleasure to help you be right!  Did you really bet or debate it with someone?  That’s funny!  

Yeah it had  be Holly. No way was Gaithere yet.

Yeah, ain’t nobody got time for that SoN mega chapter, anyway. It got to 17,000 words and I was like ‘uh uh’. People could grow old reading that …

A Story of Now Chapter 26, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter Twenty-six of A Story of Now has been posted:


"The air conditioning continues to roar above their heads as they drift slowly together between waking and sleep.  Gail runs her hand gently down the slender arm draped over her waist and takes hold of Holly’s hand, sliding her fingers around hers and nestling them together in the little corner made between her stomach and the sheet.

“Holly?” Gail whispers, blinking into the darkness.

“Hmm?” Holly mumbles sleepily from behind her, pressing her face into the back of her neck.

“Nothing,” Gail whispers, smiling to herself.

She just wanted to say her name one more time.”


More missives from the bus and the broken keyboard.

This chapter is to be continued. We had a little … uh … brevity problem, so it’s been broken into two, no, three parts. More to come.

Thanks to those who review.