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starsplit asks:
Yeah I did read the other two with Holly POV's but it's been a while and I just missed it. Plus it's nice to get it once in a while especially because we don't get much of it on the show. (Also for some weird reason I just got very confused for a second with SoN abbreviation for Story of Now - my mind jumped to South of Nowhere for a good minute of confusion). But yes by all means concentrate of SoN. But when you feel the desire to write something else...

Fair enough.We’ll see! It’s going to be kind of difficult to negotiate around the real RB arc, but we’ll see. I never saw South of Nowhere….

A Story of Now Chapter 21, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

Chapter Twenty-one of A Story of Now has been posted:

Before she knows it, she is parked down the street from the café. 

Before she can stop herself, she is climbing out of the car.

And before she can decide whether or not it is a dumb idea, she heads straight for the door.

She sees her the minute she walks inside, busily doing whatever it is she does behind the coffee machine. Gail feels an immediate, conflicting trill of both fear and happiness in her stomach at seeing her, a sensation so sharp that she knows she had to do this, no matter what response she gets.”

Thank you, as ever, for your reviews and feedback.

starsplit asks:
Yes please write more of Given In! It's amazing to get Holly's POV - we never get to see enough of that. Thank you for writing such amazing fic all the time!

Hey thanks- I did write both my first stories, half from H’s point of view, though!  I guess because this is solely hers?  Anyway, I hope their will be more, perhaps just a little more slowly as I am still finishing SoN.

Well thank YOU for always being supportive of my stories!

Given In, a rookie blue fanfic | FanFiction

I was missing writing from Holly’s perspective, it turns out.

So I wrote a thing. It’s called Given In.

It’s a month after 507.

It’s been a month since she has seen her and yet she is still a weight, a presence, a force that pushes at Holly. Hard.  She grants herself a brief moment to privately take her in as Gail sweeps her own eyes around what must by now be a familiar room. She looks tired, but beautiful. But she’ll never stop being beautiful. She has the kind of face that is almost violent in its loveliness, even at its most faded and weary.”


It might be going somewhere. It might not. I don’t know yet.

Anonymous asks:
Why do people keep thinking Holly is gone or should be recast? Just because we no longer know when AO is in town filming means nothing at all. Yeah, she used to tweet "'I'm coming to RB" but she probably can't anymore. Why would anyone want a different person playing holly? AO created the Holly we see on screen. The writers decide when to bring holly's character onto the screen and it is NOT based on AO's lack of availability. If / when they want / need her, I am positive she would be there.

Hey, I’m not sure if this is asked in relation to a couple of questions I have been asked, or to a larger general discussion, because I haven’t really been keeping up with a lot of G/H conjecture and wasn’t aware people were saying. So I don’t really know how to answer, except for yes, I agree, I don’t really think about other casting choices- don’t see the point.

Sorry that wasn’t much of a helpful answer, I’m sure!